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Secure Label Products
Secure label manufacturing is strategically important to governments and private corporations in protecting their revenue streams. The World Customs organization estimates trade losses in excess of $500 Billion in gross domestic product due to product counterfeiting and diversion annually. Corporations also need to protect their brand identity, ensure products in their supply chain are legitimate and protect consumer confidence. Ashton Potter offers several solutions in these product areas:

Tax, Revenue & Excise Stamps
Tax stamps have evolved from a means of
verifying payment of taxes and excise duties into a
complex multi-function document serving as tax
receipt, an indication of authenticity and a means
of tracking legitimate products through various
distribution channels. Ashton Potter
can provide integrated solutions in
all tax stamp categories, including
cigarette tax stamps, liquor and spirits
excise stamps and tax revenue stamps.

Brand Protection Labels
Counterfeiting and diversion of brand products presents a direct
threat to a brand's integrity, in addition to substantial revenue
streams and the protection of substantial investment in product
and market development. The globalization of production and
markets, coupled with the increased capabilities and sophistication
of product counterfeiters has further increased the need for
multi-level secure label solutions that protect,
identify and account for legitimate products
within supply chains. Working with our supply
chain and technology partners Ashton Potter
can develop, manufacture and implement
effective combinations of overt and covert
security features, incorporating sophisticated
serialization solutions that will provide
valuable protection to brand owners.

Pharmaceutical Labels
Because of the substantial and legitimate health concerns from
counterfeit pharmaceuticals this industry has specialized
requirements in brand protection. The World Health Organization
estimates the value of counterfeit
pharmaceuticals to be around $50
billion by the end of 2010. The
proliferation of Ecommerce
applications has further solidified
the need for pharmaceutical labels
to enable product verification.
Ashton Potter provides specialized,
sophisticated solutions for
pharmaceutical applications.

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Postage Stamps
Ashton Potter works with some of the world's largest Postal Authorities in manufacturing their postage stamp products. We can provide all stamp products in all formats and sizes through manufacturing and service agreements tailored specifically to individual Postal Authority requirements. Our manufacturing capabilities and capacities enable us to offer high quality, specialized stamp products in cost effective solutions. With over 35 years experience we are one of the world's largest producers of postage stamp products.

Postage Stamps

Personalized Stamped Envelopes
Ashton Potter is the exclusive provider of stamped envelopes to the United States Postal Service and of personalized stamped envelopes to business and consumers. In conjunction with the launch of "The Store", where you can customize and order online postage products, we are pleased to introduce premium options such as peel and seal envelopes, return address printing options, new environmental products and multiple high-quality USPS stamp images, including the Forever Stamp!

Personalized Stamped Envelopes

How can customized stamped envelopes help your business?
We can fulfill all of your postage and mailing supplies requirements online! Choose a high quality, environmentally certified envelope product, select an online postage image (including Forever Stamps), customize your return address printing and we will produce and deliver your order in 4 to 6 business days from our secure envelope printing facility.

Use a high quality, USPS stamp image for your direct mail requirements and realize a higher rate of mail openings.

Improve the appearance and presentation of your personal or business mailings.

Purchase all of your mailing supplies together in one high quality, low cost product.

Order volumes as low as 50 envelopes.

Save time, money & energy through ordering online postage we deliver directly to you!

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