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Secure Storage, Fulfillment, & Distribution

Ashton Potter has secure warehousing for finished goods with fulfillment and distribution services tailored to specific requirements. Products can be securely fulfilled and distributed within supply chains anywhere in the world.

Our Secure Storage, Fulfillment, & Distribution Features

100% Accountability

Ashton Potter operates a proprietary accountability system and database application which manages and retains 100% accountability information with full reporting

High Density Racking

Ashton Potter has state-of-the-art high density racking located within a fully secure environment which maximizes storage capabilities and easy access when requisitioned

On-line Ordering, Distribution, and Fulfillment

Ashton Potter manages distribution and fulfillment through customized on-line ordering and fulfillment systems it creates, hosts, and manages for its customers. Customers can download product orders, which can either be produced and fulfilled or taken from finished goods inventory and shipped

  • 100% Accountability
  • High Density Racking
  • On-line Ordering, Distribution, and Fulfillment