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Welcome to Ashton Potter

A World Class High Security Printer
Ashton Potter is an established high security printer, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of postage stamp products and secure labels. We view our customers, key suppliers and technology providers as strategic partners.
Our focus is providing a level of delivered product quality and customer service that exceeds your expectations. We will work with you to:
Simplify, automate and improve your supply chain security
Develop third party logistics and Ecommerce solutions to securely store, market, sell and move your products both within your supply chain and to your customers

Just let us know where you want to go; we will help you get there.

Security Printing & Finishing: Ashton Potter can provide product design, prepress and printing in all major print methods (including intaglio steel engraved printing) plus finishing in all product formats (coils, rolls, booklets, sheets, etc.).
Custom Envelope Printing: Ashton Potter can now produce and deliver your postage supplies, incorporating return address printing with a high quality USPS stamp image in a variety of envelope sizes with premium options, such as peel and seal envelope sealing. These products are ideal for business envelope printing, direct mail applications and customized consumer envelope printing alike.
Quality Assurance: We are ISO compliant, focused on developing specific quality plans and procedures that meet customer requirements. Our teams of Quality inspectors are augmented by 100% electronic inspection which is integrated into each manufacturing process.
Security & Accountability: Our facilities comply with government security requirements and all employees are pre-approved to government specifications. All products are 100% accounted for supported by in-house waste destruction. Ashton Potter can fulfill any requirement for product serialization, including digital database support services.
Secure Storage, Fulfillment & Distribution: We offer secure warehousing for finished goods with fulfillment and distribution services tailored to your specific requirements. Your products can be securely fulfilled and distributed within your supply chain anywhere in the world. We can also deliver directly to your customers.
Ecommerce Solutions: Ashton Potter will develop solutions for your business, from electronic communications to support supply chain management to electronic commerce for B2B or B2C applications.
Research & Development: We can help drive the development of new products and solutions for your business, from environmental initiatives to secure label solutions that add value to your supply chain.
Technology Partners: A lot of secure stamp and label solutions are technology driven, requiring the identification and integration of effective overt, covert and serialization technologies that meet evolving customer requirements in increasingly sophisticated environments. Ashton Potter is committed to identifying and offering best in class solutions to our customers. Accordingly we continually identify and develop strategic partnerships within our existing supply chain and with leading edge technology providers.
Our Value Proposition: Ashton Potter believes that to provide integrated, effective security label products to our customers to improve their supply chain security we need to partner with our own key supply chain and technology providers. We provide a secure label manufacturing environment where integrated solutions are created in collaboration with our customers, then manufactured and securely delivered into the supply chain.

Our Facilities
Ashton Potter manages over 130,000 square feet of secure label manufacturing, personalized stamped envelope production, storage and fulfillment facilities in the Buffalo, New York area. The company has made substantial investments in leading edge printing and finishing equipment incorporating process automation and electronic inspection.

Personalized stamped envelope production
Personalized stamped envelope production.

Secure Warehousing
Secure warehousing.

Secure Label Manufacturing
Secure label manufacturing.

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